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Privacy Security

Your privacy is important to us. It’s important you read our privacy policy before using  BrokenAnkleRecovery site. Any personal information you or any of our visitors use in our site will not be shared. We protect your information and we will not give any of it to third parties.

Tracking Cookies

a cookie is a piece of information stored within a browser in order to generate statistical data. When you visit the cookie is being stored in your browser, but you should know you can clean your cookies at any time and program your web browser to not accept any cookies.

Google Adsense and also the DoubleClick DART Cookies

Broken Ankle Recovery website is using third parties advertisments. One of the advertisments is Google adsense. Google is using DART cookies for Google Adsense advertisements in order to enamble them to present the right ads to the visitors. If you wish to get more info on the cookies Google are using, you can go to: and read more about it. The porpuse of the cookies is for targeting porpuses, or showing certain ads based on specific sites visited. For example: showing LA real estate ads to people in LA. The cookies are not collecting personal information. DART uses non personally identification information.

If you want to disable or turn off our or our third party cookies, you can do it from your browser settings, however, you should know that disabling the cookies can prevent you from interacting with our site, and also eith other sites. Anyhow, unless you disallow cookies, the next time you will enter our site, the cookies will be added and the advertisements will show up.

Google Re-marketing website is using Google Re-marketing. Re-marketing is a feature that lets us reach people who have previously visited our site, and show you relevant ads when you visit other sites on Google Display Network. The reason we are using Google Re-marketing is to give you an option to get relevant products. With our ads displayed on Google’s content network, you will be able to easily get the product you need and purchase it.

If you wish to opt-out of Google’s use of cookies, you can do that by visiting this page.

Log Files

You should know we collect data within the log files, such as: IP addresses, the type of browser you are using – Firefox, Explorer, Chrome etc.

Problems or Questions

If you have any concerns or problems regarding BrokenAnkleRecovery site, please let us know via our contact form. Also, if you have any complains or problems, please contact us.